Do you currently have an existing equity release plan, if so, ask yourself one question.

Have you ever had it reviewed?

Equity release plans have been around in their current format for the last 15 years. Many plans were sold on the basis of the policy being a loan for life to be repaid on death or long term care disablement. Historically the interest rates were very high in comparison to current lower fixed rates, loan to values were low, so smaller loans available compared to the healthier loan to values available currently. The new plans offer a greater deal of flexibility which was not available before as contracts have evolved over time.

Reviewing your existing contract is an essential part of equity release planning:

  • You could reduce your existing interest rate, thus reducing the final outstanding balance of your loan. This would mean higher future loans for you or a larger inheritance for your beneficiaries.
  • A higher loan to value available, enabling you to borrow further funds now
  • Greater flexibility such as having a drawdown facility
  • Improved terms and conditions
  • Change to a more competitive equity release scheme

Lower your interest rate

By re-mortgaging to a more competitive equity release scheme, you could considerably reduce the amount of interest which accumulates in the future.

Below is a table which illustrates the potential savings to your estate based on a £70,000 loan:

Amount borrowed Lifetime mortgage interest rate Total amount owing after:5 years 10 years 15 years
£70,000 8.20% £103, 809 £153,947 £228,301
£70,000 5.75% £93,369 £123,483 £163,309
Save by switching: £10,449 £30,464 £64,992

Even if your plan has early repayment charges, changing to an equity release plan with a lower interest rate could prove more beneficial than sticking with your current equity release plan. Our specialists can advise you whether it would be beneficial for you to switch your existing high interest lifetime mortgage to a lower lifetime fixed rate.

We offer a free review service where one of our specially trained advisers will review your existing contract in order to see if it can be improved on. Like normal mortgages it is possible to re-mortgage your existing plan to another provider under better terms i.e. lower interest rates.

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