Madonna is blasting out of your speakers, the flip flops are out, new swimwear has been purchased and you’re all stocked up on factor 50. Now all you need is a holiday that won’t see you forced to wear the same swimwear in 2020 (shocking suggestion I know).

Of course with summer looming and with only weeks until the school holidays it’s not always easy to uncover those elusively affordable breaks. So, we’ve put together a few work arounds that just might help you in your quest.

  1. Plan ahead & book early

This is one tip I seriously need to adopt. Instead, clearly convinced that we still live in the days of last minute teletext bargains, I never seem to learn. Year on year I find myself shocked and horrified at the sheer lack of deals to be had only days before we want to jet off. Of course I’m not saying there are no last minute deals out there but we do seem to live in an early bird world these days.

Book early and you are of course more likely to get the best flights, your destination of choice and your preferred dates. On top of this you’ll also enjoy early booking discounts, lower deposits and free child places (useful if traveling with the grandchildren). And, as TravelSupermarket advises, if no deal is offered then there is no harm in asking.

  1. Avoid the school holiday effect

We’re all well aware of the school holiday price hike so why not head off before school is out. With decent temperatures and long hours of sunshine, a holiday in June will still see you soaking up the rays and you might not have to race to the pool to reserve your favourite sun bed (better get packing or book for next year!) The other option is to wait until term starts again and aim for September, when you can still enjoy sunshine galore in a wide variety of destinations. And, if it’s long haul you’re looking for TravelSupermarket revealed that May, June and September are the cheapest months to travel.

  1. Sneak off right in the middle

If you’re travelling with family and you’re tied to the school holidays then the best advice seems to be to avoid the first and last week, this is when most people are escaping the UK for much needed fun and sun. According to TravelSupermarket the best time to jet off is the middle two weeks of the big break when travel seems to dip temporarily.  Another insider tip is to opt for mid-week flights as these tend to be less popular.

  1. Look for alternative destinations

Rather than heading for the top holiday hot spots such as Spain and Portugal it’s worth thinking differently and seeking out those less well known, up and coming destinations. A bit of googling could find you in a beautiful place with half the crowds and at a far less eye watering price. And if you fancy looking a bit further afield you could check out those far flung destinations where our peak season is their off-peak. Often there are bargains to be snapped up.

  1. Shop around

We all know it’s good to Google and holidays are no exception. A bit of trawling can often find a list of great holidays to suit your budget and you can also use sites such as Trivago or TravelSupermarket to compare prices of flights, hotels, holidays and more. However, whilst it’s true that many of the best bargains can be found online it’s still worth checking out high street agents for package deal discounts and contacting independent Travel Advisers for expert advice and personal service.

Of course even the very best holiday pricing sleuth can’t escape the fact that holidays are still expensive luxuries for many, especially in retirement. Which is why so many of our customers are choosing Equity Release as a route to funding the holidays they deserve.

“We didn’t want to scrimp on holidays in our retirement, we wanted to travel in style and enjoy ourselves without worrying about every penny. Equity Release has allowed us to do just that and we’ve even been able to treat the family and share an amazing family holiday together.”

Here at The Right Equity Release we’re like one big family; our head office team, our advisers and our customers. This family has already helped so many people to enjoy the retirement they deserve.

So, whether you’ve got your sights set on exotic destinations, glamourous cruises or treating the family, if you’d like more of an insight into how Equity Release could be of benefit to you, we’d be glad to help.

If you have any questions about equity release, please get in touch with us on 0800 612 6755.

Of course if you’ve got any top tips for bagging a summer holiday bargain we’d love to hear them.

Thanks for reading, we look forward to hearing from you.

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