Utilising the equity in your homes for your own benefit

These days, there are a large number of retirees taking advantage of their ‘ski’ pass and utilising the equity in their homes for their own benefit. SKIing – Spending the Kids Inheritance. However, a number of adult children are still living with their parents and perhaps you as parents, are accepting of this situation, but [...]

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Facilities within Equity Release

In my experience as an Equity Release Specialist, I am aware that the following scenarios are not realised as possible within Equity Release – They are! MOVING HOME WITH EQUITY RELEASE Equity Release can be used to enable you to move to another property in retirement. PROTECTING YOUR BENEFICIARIES INHERITANCE You can specify what percentage [...]

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Common Myths about Equity Release

The issue of equity release has always drawn mixed reactions from financial advisers, media and other key stakeholders. There are those who maintain that using equity release amounts to tying a financial noose around your neck. Others are more positive about it and view it as a channel to financial stability in retirement years. For [...]

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House of Lords report suggests Equity Release is the way forward

Several months ago an influential House of Lords select committee published a report called ‘Ready for Ageing?’ which urged the government to focus on Equity Release as a means of helping older people to improve the quality of their lives. Specifically, the report said that it was reasonable to expect those who had made windfall [...]

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One in three expected to still be paying mortgages in their 60s

Recent research carried out by the Post Office shows that one in three UK homeowners are expected to still be paying off their mortgage in their 60s. For homeowners over 55, using an Equity Release Calculator to find out how much cash you could unlock from your home is increasingly becoming a more attractive retirement [...]

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The best kept secret – moving home with Equity Release

A recent client of mine, a 69 year old widowed lady, lived in a £105,000 3 bedroomed semi-detached house with an interest only mortgage of £10,000. She was aware that this had to be paid sooner rather than later.  She also felt her existing property was too big for her needs, and that she would [...]

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How Equity Release can help your children and grandchildren get onto the property ladder

Sweeping changes to mortgage regulation which came into effect in April have forced banks and building societies to tighten lending criteria, leaving many people struggling to buy their first home. Strict limits on salary multiples, stringent affordability calculators and increased scrutiny of self-employed applicants are just some of the new issues involved. This situation is [...]

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Equity Release Infographic

We've put together this infographic explaining what Equity Release is, along with some useful statistics. To zoom in, simply click on the image below

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5 reasons to take out an Equity Release Plan

With the cost of living rising and house prices increasing, it’s not surprising that so many over 55 homeowners are now looking to equity release plans to unlock money from their most valuable asset, their home. We’ve put together the 5 reasons to take out an Equity Release Plan: 1. To tackle the rising cost [...]

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Equity release & the holiday of a lifetime – real life scenario

I went to see Mr & Mrs D who told me a story about when they moved into their existing property regarding their next door neighbours wedding in Hawaii. As they were moving into their property over 25 years ago, the next door neighbours were moving in the same day and they were both carrying [...]

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