How Equity Release can help your children and grandchildren get onto the property ladder

Sweeping changes to mortgage regulation which came into effect in April have forced banks and building societies to tighten lending criteria, leaving many people struggling to buy their first home. Strict limits on salary multiples, stringent affordability calculators and increased scrutiny of self-employed applicants are just some of the new issues involved. This situation is [...]

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Equity Release Infographic

We've put together this infographic explaining what Equity Release is, along with some useful statistics. To zoom in, simply click on the image below

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5 reasons to take out an Equity Release Plan

With the cost of living rising and house prices increasing, it’s not surprising that so many over 55 homeowners are now looking to equity release plans to unlock money from their most valuable asset, their home. We’ve put together the 5 reasons to take out an Equity Release Plan: 1. To tackle the rising cost [...]

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Equity release & the holiday of a lifetime – real life scenario

I went to see Mr & Mrs D who told me a story about when they moved into their existing property regarding their next door neighbours wedding in Hawaii. As they were moving into their property over 25 years ago, the next door neighbours were moving in the same day and they were both carrying [...]

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Are you still unaware of the benefits of Lifetime Mortgages?

I’m surprised that many people are unaware of the benefits that Equity Release/Lifetime Mortgages can provide. Over the 15 years I’ve worked in financial services there are still the incorrect perceptions of, ‘I will lose my home’ or ‘my house will no longer be mine’ but there have been huge improvements and safeguards added to [...]

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Equity release & lasting power of attorney – real life scenario

I went to see Mr & Mrs Jones, they lived in a lovely Victorian property in Wigan, Lancashire. On arrival, Mrs Jones asked me to come through to the kitchen which was at the back of the house, on walking down the hallway I noticed Mr Jones sat in the lounge watching the television. When [...]

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Would you like to own a Static Caravan or motorhome for your retirement?

A great benefit of releasing money from your home in the form of a Lifetime Mortgage is to enjoy your retirement. You may perhaps spend the money on exotic holidays and cruises or visiting family and friends abroad but some prefer to spend money on something ‘longer lasting’ in the form of a static caravan [...]

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The ‘Up-size’ of ‘Down-sizing’ with Equity Release

Before arranging an equity release plan, one option to consider is to down-size. So how does this work? In practical terms, this involves selling your home at a higher price than the one you wish to move into. Any capital released from the sale of the property can then be used to supplement an income [...]

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A new mortgage option is now available for over 55s

Are you worried about paying off your mortgage? Are you feeling trapped in an interest only mortgage? If so, the new Retirement Mortgage may be the answer. The Right Equity Release have access to an innovative new mortgage product, The Retirement Mortgage. A new type of interest-only lifetime mortgage, filling the gap between a traditional [...]

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