Client Stories

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Life on the ocean wave.

As keen sailors John and Linda were looking for a way to fund some much dreamed of sailing trips.“Equity release has so far enabled us to sail around Greece, Turkey and France and we have more trips planned. Without Equity Release we wouldn’t have been able to afford this as the money would simply have been sat in our home. We talked to our family who were fully supportive and we can’t thank The Right Equity Release enough for making the whole process so easy for us.”

Wendy and Richard’s Chefs kitchen

“We love to entertain friends and family but our kitchen was really old and desperately needed updating. To be honest we’d stopped inviting people for meals, it was such a mess. When a friend recommended Equity Release, we weren’t sure but The Right Equity Release explained everything and we decided to go for it. We are now back to our entertaining days in a beautiful new kitchen. We practically live in this room.”

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