Debt Consolidation

No monthly payments, no stress

Repay existing loans and increase your disposable income

Do You :

  • Feel increasingly stressed with every mortgage payment?
  • Find it hard to meet your monthly financial commitments?
  • Dread the next bill landing on your doorstep?
  • Want more disposable income to enjoy each month?


Consolidate your debts with Equity Release

Equity Release is a great way to pay off existing loans.

If you have a mortgage, loans, credit cards or other debts Equity Release can be used to repay them. And, as most Equity Release schemes need no monthly repayments, you’ve suddenly got more money each month to go out and have fun with. What’s not to like!

Please remember that you will be adding these amounts to your Equity Release and, if the debts you are adding are of a shorter term, this could mean that over time you are charged more interest.


Impartial Expert Advice

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Please note that Debt Consolidation is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

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