I went to see Mr & Mrs D who told me a story about when they moved into their existing property regarding their next door neighbours wedding in Hawaii.

The Right Equity Release | Lady sitting on the beach

As they were moving into their property over 25 years ago, the next door neighbours were moving in the same day and they were both carrying boxes into their respective properties, the neighbours approached them to introduce themselves and stated that they were currently not married but were hoping to get married later in the year in Hawaii and would be delighted if they could attend the wedding as they all agreed they envisaged being neighbours for a long time.

They then decided to build the wedding to Hawaii into their annual holiday. Mrs D then asked me to picture the following scene regarding the wedding:

Blue skies, lovely sandy beach, sea lapping the shore, a light breeze, all guests in bare feet and the wedding went off without a hitch.  They continued on with their holiday in Hawaii sightseeing.

Twenty Five years later, the neighbours invited her back to Hawaii to have their marriage blessed but her husband had died 18 months earlier and with a reduced income and no savings, she realised this was not affordable but did not like admitting it at the time and answered with “I will have to think about it”.

She then went on to say this is where the Equity Release would come in handy as she really wanted to go back to Hawaii and wanted a new car and fitted kitchen also.

I proceeded to take her through the Equity Release experience which cumulated in completing the application form and just prior to her signing she looked up with a tear in her eye and said “Does this mean I can go to Hawaii?”

This is what her Equity Release enabled her to do.