Equity release for house purchase

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Schemes for the over 55 years of age

Want to move, need to move, family needing deposit monies for purchase?

No savings? Unable to get a mortgage? Monthly direct payments a no, no?

All sounds too familiar. We have new styles of mortgage that will help with purchase to cover any shortfall or just to release equity to help with a purchase.

So by being that little bit older now helps,  secure funds.

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Schemes available for:

  • Employed
  • Self employed
  • Retired
  • Part time
  • Low earners
  • Benefits qualifiers
  • Unemployed
  • State pension

Interest payments FIXED for life:

  • Opt to pay none
  • Pay monthly
  • Pay couple of times a year
  • Pay annually but not every year?

Schemes that cater for:

  • No proof of income
  • No accounts
  • No banks statements
  • No p60s
  • Adverse credit file
  • Missed or late mortgage payments

Equity release can make the difference of moving to moving to a dream home. Funds are limited so why not talk to our advisers today to see what you can borrow.

Make moving easy and change your life for the better… To find out more, call us now on 0800 612 6755

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