Equity Release & Long-term care

How it works, how it affects partners & your family With so many of us living much longer, more and more people today find themselves reaching an age where living at home without support becomes [...]

Retirement happy or retirement crabby?

Plan for a happy retirement When you ask around it would seem that most people love retirement; most people relish the freedom that it brings and many of those still in the rat race simply can’t [...]

Equity Release or Downsizing?

Most people nearing the retirement phase of life worry about two big financial questions: Will I have enough money to enjoy the retirement I deserve? Will my retirement income allow me to live happily for [...]

Honesty, generosity & sincerity (good old fashioned customer care)

Equity Release is WHAT we do, relationships are HOW we do it And who better to prove that this isn't simply something we say in our marketing, and that this really is how we do [...]

Retirement hobbies & why you want one

You’re free from the pressures and stresses of the daily 9-5, you’re older and wiser, you’ve reached the point in your life when you know exactly who you are and, to be frank, you’ve stopped [...]

Holidays with grandchildren; family bonds and lifelong memories

Sorry to keep banging on about holidays, (possibly in denial that the summer holidays are drawing to a close for us) but I was so excited to come across this that I couldn’t resist. Describing [...]

Retirement bucket list top 50

Following on from last week’s blog about retirement being the age of adventure I thought it would be nice to check out exactly what people have on their retirement bucket lists. Google the term ‘retirement [...]

Retirement…adventure is out there

Gone are the days when retirement conjured up images of slippers, armchairs, Ovaltine and crosswords. Okay so I’m slightly guilty of hamming things up here but the truth is that each generation is getting younger. [...]

Equity release and my family

“How will equity release affect my family?” For most of our customers this is one of the first questions they want answered. And understandably so. We all want the reassurance that our families will be [...]