Retirement bucket list top 50

Following on from last week’s blog about retirement being the age of adventure I thought it would be nice to check out exactly what people have on their retirement bucket lists. Google the term ‘retirement [...]

Retirement…adventure is out there

Gone are the days when retirement conjured up images of slippers, armchairs, Ovaltine and crosswords. Okay so I’m slightly guilty of hamming things up here but the truth is that each generation is getting younger. [...]

Equity release and my family

“How will equity release affect my family?” For most of our customers this is one of the first questions they want answered. And understandably so. We all want the reassurance that our families will be [...]

9 Surprising things that affect your home’s value

When it comes to anything that might affect the value of our homes most of us are like little Meerkats - always on the lookout for potential threats and ready to alert the neighbours.  And, [...]

Top 5 Equity Release Terms Explained

Here at The Right Equity Release we’re big fans of speaking in plain English and tend to prefer this over all that jargon filled waffle. In our opinion there is nothing worse than a load [...]

Equity Release increases in popularity among women

According to the Equity Release Council’s Spring 2019 report, single women over 55 accounted for over 1/4 of new equity release agreements made in late 2018, that’s a 50% increase on 2017. So, what are [...]

5 Top Tips for first time Cruisers

Thinking of embarking on your very first cruise? 5 Top Tips before you hoist your sail out of old Blighty. With holiday season upon us I just couldn’t resist another travel focussed article. A lot [...]

Bag yourself the best summer holiday deal

Madonna is blasting out of your speakers, the flip flops are out, new swimwear has been purchased and you’re all stocked up on factor 50. Now all you need is a holiday that won’t see [...]

Top Tips for Equity Release

Equity Release Top Tips & Support Maybe you’ve got your sights set on a luxurious trip around the world, perhaps it’s a shiny new kitchen, a way to support the family or quite simply a [...]