Bag yourself the best summer holiday deal

Madonna is blasting out of your speakers, the flip flops are out, new swimwear has been purchased and you’re all stocked up on factor 50. Now all you need is a holiday that won’t see [...]

Top Tips for Equity Release

Equity Release Top Tips & Support Maybe you’ve got your sights set on a luxurious trip around the world, perhaps it’s a shiny new kitchen, a way to support the family or quite simply a [...]

Popularity of Equity Release continues to grow

Ok so we might not be quite up there with Game of Thrones, the royal baby and oat milk (the next big thing to add to your coffee in 2019) in trending terms but the [...]

Where on earth to retire to?

Following on from last week’s blog about a retirement place in the sun, I thought I’d have a little snoop around and see where the most popular retirement destinations are right now. So, I was [...]

Making your place in the sun a retirement reality

Thank goodness the sun is shining and the UK is looking so wonderfully sparkly right now, it certainly helps to take the chill out of my post holiday blues. If only we’d booked another week! [...]

Don’t despair, with a good Adviser down-valuations aren’t the end

How could down-valuation affect my equity release? So, the lifetime mortgage lender doesn’t quite agree with the property valuation for your home. Don’t despair, all is definitely not lost, it’s not all doom and gloom [...]

Equity Release: 5 myths busted and one about a pineapple

Getting cold doesn’t give you a cold, carrots won’t make you see in the dark and saying ‘pineapple’ to someone doesn’t steal their sneeze (latter myth courtesy of my daughter).  We’re surrounded by myths all [...]

Equity Release; solving the asset-cash imbalance

Cast your mind back for a moment. The Power of love is blasting from your radio, Madonna is getting into the groove, you’re experiencing that first sense of entertaining depression that can only be Eastenders, [...]

Equity Release; a handy leg up for first time buyers

Most of us are all too aware of just how difficult it is for youngsters to get their feet on the property ladder these days. And, unfortunately for our children and grandchildren, this doesn’t [...]