Don’t despair, with a good Adviser down-valuations aren’t the end

How could down-valuation affect my equity release? So, the lifetime mortgage lender doesn’t quite agree with the property valuation for your home. Don’t despair, all is definitely not lost, it’s not all doom and gloom [...]

Equity Release: 5 myths busted and one about a pineapple

Getting cold doesn’t give you a cold, carrots won’t make you see in the dark and saying ‘pineapple’ to someone doesn’t steal their sneeze (latter myth courtesy of my daughter).  We’re surrounded by myths all [...]

Equity Release; solving the asset-cash imbalance

Cast your mind back for a moment. The Power of love is blasting from your radio, Madonna is getting into the groove, you’re experiencing that first sense of entertaining depression that can only be Eastenders, [...]

Equity Release; a handy leg up for first time buyers

Most of us are all too aware of just how difficult it is for youngsters to get their feet on the property ladder these days. And, unfortunately for our children and grandchildren, this doesn’t [...]

Equity Release – Your flexible friend

It wasn't long ago that equity release was a small, specialised area of the mortgage arena. To be honest, the equity release industry initially took a while to find its feet. It was some time [...]

So who owns my property?

Traditionally, when couples purchase a property, they do so as ‘Joint Tenants’. When taking out a mortgage, I’m sure that lenders have been happy with that type of arrangement as both clients are then financially [...]

We must not forget the bank of Gran & Grandad!

We regularly hear and see comments about the role of the ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’. This comes as no surprise as many who already retired are now in a position to provide additional funds [...]

Its now time to seek professional advice.

So you have now decided that you want or need some capital and you feel that one option would be to release the money from your home via an Equity Release plan. You have considered [...]

So, you have now decided to proceed with an equity release plan. So, what’s next?

When asked initially what they’re looking for from their Equity Release plan, most people will tell us how much money they would like to release along with an indication of what they want the money [...]