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Making Equity Release Safe For You

Enjoy the peace of mind that you are protected

The Equity Release Council is focused on protecting you and meeting your needs.

By putting safeguards and guarantees in place, the council aims to maintain fair and honest policies, to ensure that you are well-informed, treated fairly and able to confidently decide whether Equity Release is right for you.

“We take standards very seriously. All our members have to sign up to our code of practice…These are all reasons why, when you choose one of our members like The Right Equity Release, you are in safe hands.”

Nigel Waterson, Chairman – Equity Release Council


The Equity Release Council Code of Conduct

As members of The Equity Release Council every one of our Independent Advisers must adhere to a strict code of conduct:

  1. Customers have the right to remain in their property for life.
  2. Customers will be provided with clear and concise paperwork, including all set-up costs, house move costs and changes in house values.
  3. Customers legal work must be performed by a solicitor of their choice, this solicitor is required to sign a certificate stating that the plan has been explained and that their client understands the risks.
  4. Customers can move their plan to another property without penalty.
  5. Customers Equity Release Certificates must state the cost to the client’s asset and estate.
  6. Equity Release carries a “NO NEGATIVE EQUITY GUARANTEE”.

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