Sorry to keep banging on about holidays, (possibly in denial that the summer holidays are drawing to a close for us) but I was so excited to come across this that I couldn’t resist.

Describing themselves as “explorers, adventurers and students of the world”, not-for-profit Road Scholars offers 5,500 learning adventures in 150 countries and all 50 states.

“our mission is to inspire adults to learn, discover and travel. Our learning adventures engage expert instructors, provide extraordinary access, and stimulate discourse and friendship among people for whom learning is the journey of a lifetime.”

Offering a huge variety of adventures around the world – from hiking and national parks to science & nature and the great conflicts – there really does appear to be something for everyone, including grandparents! In fact one of their collections is specifically for adventures with your grandchildren.

“Make lasting memories with your grandchild on learning adventures packed with exciting field trips designed to keep explorers of all ages engaged. Learn about marine life in Hawaii, discover Paris, or search for dinosaur fossils in Utah — most importantly, do it together!”

I thought this was just wonderful; how amazing to experience new cultures, new experiences, new adventures and learn new things together. I must point out that this is not a collaborative post and I have no links with or experience of Road Scholars, I simply love the idea of offering unforgettable adventures for grandparents and grandchildren to share and to treasure.

Whilst as a family we holiday with our children and our parents together they have never travelled solely with grandparents. It appears however that we are in the minority; according to Road Scholar stats 66% of grandparents currently travel with their grandchildren.

So, if you’re one of this 66% or would like to add to this number, what can you do to make your cross generational holiday one to remember for a lifetime?

5 Top tips for travelling with grandchildren

1. Plan Together

Planning with your grandchildren, not for them, is the secret to a memorable (for the right reasons) and fun holiday together. Let the bonding start before you’ve even packed your cases by getting together to research ideas, agree boundaries and design a holiday fit for everyone. The interest you show in them now will pay dividends when on your travels and be remembered long after your return.

2. Choose shared activities

Make the most of your time together and really take the opportunity to forge strong bonds and interact with each other by taking part in fun activities together. If horse riding or diving are a step too far for you, find alternative activities that you will both enjoy. Don’t become a sideline spectator and miss out on creating these unforgettable shared memories.

3. Have fun & be flexible

We all know that travel can be stressful at times and that things don’t always go completely to plan, but this can be a great opportunity to teach children how to deal with life’s little challenges in a positive way. Approach the holiday with a degree of flexibility, try to see the humour in your situation wherever you can (often these hiccups make great stories to share when you’re back home in Blighty) and don’t take things (or yourself) too seriously.  Take the lead form your grandchildren; be silly, do daft things and try things you wouldn’t normally, even if it means laughing at yourself. You might just return home feeling younger than ever before and your grandchildren will definitely remember and treasure the laughter you shared.

4. Embrace social sharing

It’s difficult for so many of us to understand, and tolerate, youngsters obsession with their phones and tablets but you don’t want internet arguments to be something that comes between you and spoils your travels. And, lets face it they’ll just think you’re being old! So, rather than ban access, why not embrace their world and let them teach you how to use Instagram or Snapchat (even if you already know more than they think), you can capture and share photos of your trip together, have a laugh with filters and selfies and keep other family and friends updated on your adventure. It’s also worth having a chat about this before you leave and agreeing on boundaries for online activity before you set off. #happyholidays

5. Enjoy some down time

Travelling with grandchildren is best when you have a clear plan of agreed activities. There’s nothing worse than spending half of every day debating what to do and then having grumpy kids moaning that they’re bored. This doesn’t mean you need to be doing something every minute of every day! An overly packed schedule will not only see you exhausted and wishing for home but you’ll also have cranky, over-tired children on your hands too. By building in rest days in between your adventures everyone has the chance to relax and revive themselves ready to fully enjoy the next activity.

I love the fact that so many children are building such strong bonds and creating lifelong holiday memories with their grandparents in this way. And, with us all seeming so much younger than ever before I am sure that this trend will continue. As mentioned in previous posts, there is certainly a large and increasing number of people using Equity Release to fund later life holidays and I’d love to think that some of our customers are using the equity in their homes to enjoy adventures with their own grandchildren. In fact I couldn’t think of a much better way to spend it!

Here’s to family bonds and lifelong memories!  Thanks for reading, Sarah

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