Equity Release is WHAT we do, relationships are HOW we do it

And who better to prove that this isn’t simply something we say in our marketing, and that this really is how we do business, than two recent customers – over to you Royston and Sandra…

“Good morning James, we have received your letter confirming that the mortgage with legal and general has now reached its conclusion and completion.

As the business has now been concluded I am sure you may want to hear our opinion on the method that you chose to conduct both the business and yourself in all matters relating to the equity release opportunity .

 Both Sandra and I were somewhat confused and overwhelmed by the many different products on the market that were available to us, when we met you we had gone a long  way down the road (of equity release) with another agent who had been advising us as to the suitability of his particular product, I won’t go into his name and company as it would be inappropriate.

 After having had a number of (informal) telephone conversations with  yourself and subsequently meeting up with you I very quickly realised that your input and information with regard to products available that were far more suitable (and attractive) to both Sandra and myself we decided to change the way that we were approaching the equity release market.

 What I particularly liked with your style of  presentation was the way you chose to impart your knowledge to us without asking for an obligation from us and without using any pressure,  you did this even after I had explained to you  in our initial meeting that we hadn’t decided whether to use yourself to guide us  through the pros and cons of equity release in general and your product in particular. This Characteristic that you posses along with your professionalism convinced us that we could trust you to do conduct the business of equity release fairly and honestly. We were proved correct in all aspects of our dealings with you.

 I can’t let this letter of thanks go without further mentioning the other aspect of your style and that was being totally honest and upfront with the commissions that you and your company were going to receive from this transaction. And would  like to take this opportunity of thanking you for that honesty along with your generosity in contributing to the deal from those commissions, a contribution that for me displayed your sincerity that made everything possible.                 

 Yours very sincerely and thankfully Royston and Sandra.”

Thank you to Royston and Sandra for taking the time to write such a detailed email and for allowing us to use their feedback in this way.

Every single customer we complete a case with is given the opportunity to review us on Trustpilot. We receive so many comments that reflect this same, high level of service and customer care that our Adviser James provided for Royston and Sandra.

As one of the U.Ks leading equity release specialists, it goes without saying that the TRER team are highly experienced and knowledgeable, but what really stands us apart is our dedication to customer care, as demonstrated here.

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