Are you worried about paying off your mortgage?

Are you feeling trapped in an interest only mortgage?
If so, the new Retirement Mortgage may be the answer.

The Right Equity Release have access to an innovative new mortgage product, The Retirement Mortgage. A new type of interest-only lifetime mortgage, filling the gap between a traditional residential mortgage and existing interest roll-up lifetime mortgages.

Equity Release Retirement Mortgage

The Retirement Mortgage is available for home purchase, re-mortgage and capital raising, and provides a flexible alternative for borrowing into retirement for those borrowers that benefit from a reasonable level of retirement income.

The key features:

  • Available from age 55 – 80
  • 4.75% 5 year fixed rate followed by the standard variable rate, currently 4.6%
  • Overall cost for comparison is 5.1% APR.*
  • Fixed early repayment charge – 5% in year one reducing to 1% in year five. None from year six onwards
  • 10% per annum overpayment allowance without penalty
  • Up to 50% LTV based on age and affordability

Case study: How a Retirement Mortgage can help Mr & Mrs Smith


Mr and Mrs Smith are coming to the end of the term of their existing interest-only mortgage, and have a shortfall of £60,000 remaining.

The Retirement Mortgage would offer Mr and Mrs Smith the comfort of knowing that the capital could ultimately be paid off on death or going in to long term care. It would also give the flexibility to manage the debt by requiring interest payments on a monthly basis and allowing them to make overpayments using the Flexible Repayment Option to reduce the capital balance.


*The actual rate available will depend upon your circumstances. Ask for a personalised illustration.