Over 50s Plans

Provide for your family when you’re gone

Ensure a guaranteed lump sum for your loved ones when they die

Why leave your family struggling to pay the mortgage, wrestling with outstanding debts or stressed out by a big funeral bill when you can guarantee a lump sum payment to cover what’s needed.

What is an Over 50s Plan?

An Over 50s Plan is simply a Life Insurance Plan for anyone over 50. You pay regular monthly instalments and in return you are guaranteed a lump sum pay out when you die.

Why Choose an Over 50s Plan?

  • You are guaranteed to be accepted
  • There are no difficult health questions or medicals to pass
  • If you are aged between 50-80 (sometimes 85) you will not be turned down
  • Your premiums are usually fixed, making it easier to budget
  • You can choose a monthly payment to suit your budget
  • Fixed pay outs mean you know exactly what your family will receive


Expert Advice

Of course there’s a lot to consider when you’re thinking about an Over 50s Plan, which is why it’s great to be able meet up with your local Advisor for a FREE no-obligation chat in the comfort of your own home.

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