Following on from last week’s blog about retirement being the age of adventure I thought it would be nice to check out exactly what people have on their retirement bucket lists.

Google the term ‘retirement bucket list’ and you are spoilt for choice. Titled the ‘Ultimate Bucket List’ this one caught my eye!

Certain items come as no real surprise; seeing the Northern Lights, driving Route 66 and visiting the Great Wall of China, whereas others aren’t quite so obvious.

Alongside exotic, far flung travel are grandparents looking to spend more time with their grandchildren, community hearted individuals looking to immerse themselves in charitable work, others looking to learn new skills and then there’s also simple pleasures such as getting up late (no alarm clock required) and having the time to finish projects they never had time for. And there is definitely one in particular that I didn’t expect to see there – I’ll let you guess!

This extensive list is the finding of a survey carried out by Skipton Building Society of 2000 people and their retirement ‘must do’s’.

So, here it is…


1. Sight-seeing

2. Just do what you want, when you want

3. Cruises

4. See the Northern Lights

5. Spend more time with / look after the grandchildren

6. Live abroad / get a second home abroad

7. Buy a dog

8. Train trips

9. Grow own vegetables / start an allotment

10. Travel Europe in a camper van

11. Re-visit original honeymoon destinations

12. Cake making

13. Charity work

14. Do Route 66 in America

15. Go on safari

16. Learn a foreign language

17. Visit the Great Wall of China

18. Tea at the Ritz

19. Put decades of photos in photo albums

20. Gardening project

21. Gamble in Las Vegas

22. Re-decorate / renovation project

23. Getting spa treatments

24. Take the grandchildren to Disneyland

25. Crafts

26. Build your own house

27. Help your kids with some DIY

28. Renew wedding vows

29. Bus tours

30. Swimming with dolphins

31. Visit relatives abroad

32. Lake District hiking

33. Have an affair with a younger man / woman

34. Trip to Stonehenge

35. Write a book

36. National Trust membership

37. Meet Father Christmas / take the children to meet Father Christmas

38. Hot air balloon ride

39. Work on family tree / track down long-lost relatives

40. Scuba diving in the Maldives

41. Volunteer in the local animal shelter / dog walking

42. Get a face lift / cosmetic surgery

43. Ride an elephant

44. Cooking lessons

45. Hiking around the world

46. Paint / make art / attend art classes

47. Sort the loft out

48. Not get up before midday every day

49. Volunteer for community or local school

50. Be a Brown Owl in Brownies / Akela in Scouts

We hope that this list has provided you with some retirement adventure inspiration. Have they got it covered or is your ‘must do’ missing? We’d love to hear of any additions that you feel should be added.

Thanks for reading!


Photo by Ann Kathrin Bopp on Unsplash